Here are my commitments to you, the city of Vacaville.

PUblic safety 

There is no public safety without a great public safety team. One of the reasons Vacaville is often referred to as a "Place of Peace" is the uniforms in our amazing city. I will continue to support the Police Officers, Firefighters, Custody Officers, and Military who keep this city safe.

PUblic parks 

District 6 has six amazing public parks with ball fields, playground equipment, bike trails, and lots of open space to enjoy with friends and family. I will work with our Parks and Recreation Department to make sure the parks are maintained and upgraded as more Measure M funds become available.

PUblic funds 

As Vice Mayor and a member of the City of Vacaville Budget Audit Committee, I will continue to ensure that we are fiscally responsible and secure. Measure M funds will be spent on projects for residents, not special interest groups. You deserve to have a balanced budget.


Partnerships are key to a great educational system. I will continue to partner with TUSD to reach beyond the boundaries to build a community of learners. As stated by families with students at TUSD, "Raymond has reached into his heart and has given students hope by donating clothing, shoes, food, school supplies, and college classroom magnets."



I will continue to focus on the successful economic opportunities that have brought growth in biotech and manufacturing to Vacaville. Economic development will create economic opportunities for the residents of Vacaville. With more businesses and employment opportunities in Vacaville, we will spend less time commuting and more time with our families.


As the Executive Director of a nonprofit that champions social justice issues, I see the heartbreaking impact of homelessness on those living on our streets daily. I will work on identifying those who are homeless and what led them to their set of circumstances. Then, as a community, we can connect them with available resources to better their lives and the impact on our city.

housing affordability

Our demographic in Vacaville includes first time home buyers, who have come to be known as "the missing middle", and seniors, all who need some assistance with housing affordability. I will work in partnership to make sure first time home buyers have access to more housing that doesn't disrupt existing neighborhoods and better access to transit.

preserving vacaville's values

Vacaville is often called "Place of Peace." I will work hard to preserve the values that make Vacaville a city that is moving forward, while supporting the traditions and values that make this an amazing city to live, work, and play in. Together we can preserve and continue to develop Vacaville as the city we love to call home.

heart for today and vision for tomorrow

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